PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the reparation of hairy skin tissue and the hair follicles inside by mixture of cells in the blood of the patient and the vitamins beneficial for the hair. This method, being easy to apply and ensuring effective results helps to stop hair loss and strengths the hair. Therefore, the hair transplant operations are supported by PRP method. 10 cc blood is taken from the person to be treated. The blood undergoes a special centrifuge method and the red cells in the blood are separated. Afterwards, the white cells and plasma material rich in thrombosis with an important role for reparation of the weakened and damaged hair follicles. 5-10 seances may be applied depending on needs. The number of seances depends on the level of damage and speed of hair loss of the patient.

Mesotherapy method both helps to stop the hair loss and increases the resistance of the existing hair. It is applied with mesotherapy needle and special needle mixture in specific intervals. The séance intervals are determined in weeks or months.
It is applied with special needs in small doses in areas deemed necessary and injected under the skin with a special technique.
The most important properties making mesotherapy different from the other methods is that the medicine is used in small doses in areas required and has effective results. In addition, it helps to increase the blood circulation in hairy skin, multiples the cells of the hair follicles and achieves the normal moisture rate on the hairy skin.