The eyebrow loss may occur as a result of traumas, burns, accidents and some skin diseases. The creation of the eyebrows lost and increasing the number of eyebrows and reshaping the same for the desired form is possible with eyebrow transplantation.
The eyebrow transplantation is realized by transplantation of follicles with no genetic property of hair loss such as the hair on neck. The hair follicles are taken one by one with FUE method and transplanted on the area for eyebrow transplantation. Aesthetically, since the eyebrow is located on the face, the process to open channels to place the eyebrow hair is very important. The critical issue for eyebrow transplantation is being natural. The hair follicles taken are placed in areas with specific angles and directions. One must not forget that the hair follicles are constantly growing since they are taken from the neck. Therefore, the eyebrows require to be cut regularly.

The beard is seen as accessory and symbol of social status between men. The recreation of the beard lost or increasing the number of hair follicles of beard or reshaping the beard for the desired form is possible with beard transplantation. Additionally, the marks of surgeries and various accidents are removed and an aesthetic appearance is obtained with beard transplantation.
The beard transplantation may be conducted with hair follicles taken from the neck or the specific areas of the beard. The hair follicles are placed on the channels opened depending on the directions of the beard. Therefore, the person will obtain a natural and permanent beard form at the end of beard transplantation operation.

Various traumas and injuries cause moustache to not grow or aesthetical defects. In such cases, the moustache transplantation ensures regrowth of the moustache by natural means with transplantation of the hair to opened channels. In addition, it can close the scars.
The transplanted moustache is not different from the normal; may be shaved or grew daily. The most important issue is that the moustache transplantation is different from hair transplantation in regard to accuracy; therefore it must be conducted by an experienced team.