Washing After Hair Transplantation

The washing process starts 1 or 2 days after the day of the operation. This process takes 10 days and is washed once a day every day. The use of spray / lotion and shampoo to be used during washing is as follows;

1. LOTION (SPRAY): It aims to soften the crusting on the hair strands in the transplanted area in the process and make it ready for washing. Lotion (spray) is applied to the transplanted area before washing by tapping it up and down. At this stage, the transplanted hair should not be rubbed. Lotion (spray) is left on the hair for 45 minutes. After the waiting period is completed, the hair is then rinsed with warm temperature (20-24 degrees) and low-pressure water. If there is any lotion (Spray) residue that has not been cleaned, rinsing should be done again to remove it. At the end of the 10th wash, the use of lotion (spray) is discontinued.

2. SHAMPOO: The shampoo recommended to use is foamed by hand and applied by tapping, pulling (tampon) on the transplantation area. The area that is not transplanted can be washed easily as in normal days. In the 8th wash, you can wash your hair with light circular movements with your hands and remove the scabs by massaging. At the end of the 10th wash, the hair should be free of all formed scabs. Hair dryer should not be used after washing. Moisture can be dried from the transplanted area by moving a soft, flat napkin (towel) touch and pull (tapping). Napkin (towel) should not be moved left or right. After shedding, you can wash your hair as often as you like (recommended time is once every 2 days).

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