Sedated FUE

Many people who are considering a hair transplant operation have a great fear thinking that they will feel pain during hair transplantation. It may be more appropriate to prefer FUE with sedation in patients with low pain thresholds, very afraid of the operation and anxiety disorders.

Sedation is a superficial sleep state caused by intravenous medication. Since the drug is administered intravenously, its effect is immediate, 10-15 minutes. It is injected in a lasting dose and conscious. With sedation, you will not feel the needles for local anesthesia. You will be asleep and half asleep for the remainder of the operation. Thus, the operation; you pass it worry-free, painlessly and comfortably. Your doctor will decide together with you which anesthesia will be used during hair transplantation.

It is necessary to stop eating and drinking 2-4 hours before sedation anesthesia.

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