No Shaving Fue

When many people want to have a hair transplant learn that the hair needs to be shaved, they either give up or postpone the operation. Various methods have been tried in plastic surgery to eliminate the shaving problem that occurs during hair transplantation. The unshaved hair transplantation process, which aims to prevent this situation and is preferred especially when transplantation is performed in a small area, aims to have a more natural appearance of the hair both in the transplantation and the healing process and therefore the patient can return to his normal life more quickly.

People who want to have unshaved hair transplantation are asked to grow their hair before the operation. In this way, the donor area is hidden between the unshaved hair. In the first stage, the area where the hair follicles will be taken is determined. As in standard hair transplantation, the FUE method is used in unshaved hair transplantation. Hair follicles taken from the specified donor area are kept in a special solution. After the removal process is completed, channels are opened and grafts are placed in the area designated for transplantation. Since this technique is more difficult than the normal FUE technique, it takes more time and effort. For this reason, the fees of the unshaved FUE technique are higher than the unshaven techniques.

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