Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Istanbul is a fascinating city with a population of more than 15 million, offering unique cultural differences for all types of travelers. It is located on both sides of the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia. It is a bridge where you will discover yourself between Eastern and Western cultures. Foreign tourists who prefer to go to Turkey for the Holidays they would also prefer Istanbul, in recent years many are now starting to come to Istanbul for a different purpose. Istanbul, which is a city that provides services at a highly developed level in terms of health institutions and medical centers, in health tourism; It is one of the most preferred cities by tourists, especially for hair transplantation.

So why is Istanbul so preferred in hair transplantation?

You can also call it "The World's Hair Transplant Center". Istanbul is the city where the latest technology devices are used in hair transplantation field, it is the most preferred city by experienced healthcare professionals, professionalized specialists and high-quality hair transplantation centers. In order for a hair transplant operation to result in a natural appearance, advanced technology techniques and modern equipment must be used together. The fact that high quality hair transplant centers in Istanbul have technical equipment and modern infrastructure at international standards causes Istanbul to become more and more popular for hair transplantation day by day.

The high competition in Istanbul leads the hair transplant centers to provide higher quality services, with many conditions to develop and to improve. The fact that there are many hair transplant centers that can meet the needs of every patient and find a solution to the problem of hair loss allows the patient to choose the most appropriate treatment according to the diagnosis made. Most of the hair transplant centers in Istanbul offer VIP services to their guests coming from abroad.

Within the scope of the services provided; especially at the airport, providing a transfer service between the hotel and the hospital with private vehicles during the treatment process, and being taken to the airport after the treatment.

Besides these; Patient representatives and guides who will translate in their mother tongue accompany the patients coming from abroad. Professional patient representatives aim to provide the highest level of patient comfort by dealing with patients one-to-one during and after treatments.

Another reason why hair transplant centers in Istanbul are preferred is that the prices are more affordable compared to other countries and the best service is offered to patients without sacrificing quality.

Those who come to Istanbul for hair transplantation have the opportunity to visit beautiful historical and touristic places before or after the operation. They can visit historical places such as Grand Bazaar, Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and Dolmabahçe Palace or take part in city tours and visit cosmopolitan districts such as Taksim and Ortaköy. For this reason, having a hair transplant in Istanbul is a good alternative for foreign tourists who want to combine both treatment and vacation.

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