You must be careful not to hit your head. You may not feel it as the hair transplantation location will be numb.

You must be careful not hit your head when entering and exiting vehicles.

No water must touch the hair on the operation day and the day after.

The anesthesia applied during hair transplantation and serum injected into the skin may cause swelling and edema on forehead on 3rd day and eyelids on 4th and 5th days. You may apply ice to the forehead to prevent this. You must be careful on your sleeping position; you must rest post-operation and not bend your head and use minimum amounts of salt and drink a lot of water.

Itching during healing process is normal.

In case that excruciating itching, it is suggested to watch your hair cold or warm water.

It is normal for hair to fall off along with dried scabs during washing your hair.

You must not use hair dryer after washing process.

You must not smoke post-operation; if you do, your blood pressure may drop and you may collapse.

You must not smoke for a week after the operation for the health of hair follicles.

You must not use alcohol for a week after the operation for the health of hair follicles.

You must lie on your back for the sleeping position for the first week. You must not bend your head and stay straight as much as possible.

You must avoid strong solar rays and events which may cause traumas which would delay the healing of your scabes for the first ten days after the operation. You must not wear a hat for the first ten days after the operation. Then you may wear hats which are not too tight. Yet, you must not use hats such as berets.

The hair transplanted will fall off after 2-4 weeks after the hair transplantation operation. The hair starts to grow 2,5-3 months (you must not worry about hair loss).

There may be pimples or stiffness in 2-3 months where the hair is taken. The pimples must not be squeezed by hands.

After the operation, you must refrain from Turkish baths, saunas, swimming, solarium, weight lifting, exercising and sports. The sexual activities are included for the first two days.

The hair transplant area must not be shaved with machines for the first six months after the operation. The growing hair may be shortened with scissors.

No cosmetic product such as dyes, gels, hennas must not be used on the hair transplant area for the first six months.